I’ll be teaching a “Pop Up” art class for beginners as well as established artists who would like to learn more about the richness of oil pastel painting. The class will be at a beautiful private residence in Kula, Maui, Saturday, July 20 from 9-12. The cost is $60. If interested, please respond as soon as possible to this email as my classes usually fill up fast. There is room for 8 students.

Oil Pastels blend well with other mediums such as oil painting and mixed media to offer an array of effects with the techniques we will be learning in my class. This is a medium that is affordable, easily transportable, great for plein air painting, and has so much artistic versatility.

Here’s what to know – you do not have to have prior experience to take this class. I will send you a list of supplies that are affordable or you may use the supplies you already have as long as you have oil pastels. You will leave with a finished original painting and in the process, you will have learned something new while being inspired. And yes, you will have access to a bathroom. The environment we will be in is beautiful.

Contact me if you are interested or have questions. I will send you a list of materials along with the details of the class once I receive your confirmation you are coming.

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