Original Fine Art

Christine is a highly versatile artist and produces original fine art in multiple mediums. While she is primarily a watercolorist and has a deep love and appreciation for that medium, she is also highly skilled at oil, soft pastel, oil pastel, and most recently she has been exploring encaustic painting.

Most of the original artwork found on the website is framed, either in a matt or floated on top of a matt. The framing is complementary to the art, and Christine takes great pride in matching a frame to the piece of art.

Her original pieces all have a story. If you look carefully into some of her paintings, you may find hidden messages or images that are part of that story. Even what may appear to be a very literal rendition of a scene is sure to have some deeper meaning; otherwise, it would not have caught Christine’s attention and ended up as a painting. She tries to capture those meanings in the descriptions on each piece. Take time to read them. You may find that something there touches you. Afterall, that is what art is meant to do.

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