Kona Double Hibiscus

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40″ x 26″ watercolor painting available in original fine art, giclee print, and greeting cards.

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This particular variety of Hibiscus lives and adorns my yard like nobody’s business. It is called “Kona Double Hibiscus,” so I chose its literal name to be the title for this piece because it has the Hawaiian word Kona in it, which has several translations, one of them being “strong and unyielding.” As many times as I’ve hacked this particular plant back, and as many times as the bugs try to get it before the blooms can open, this particular hibiscus does not give up.

In researching this variety, I learned that the hibiscus has medicinal uses in Chinese herbology, and it is also used in India for haircare purposes. Hibiscus tea is good for lowering blood pressure. Perhaps, the painting can also offer the benefit of lowering blood pressure just by its mere beauty. The change of direction, size, and edges gives this piece a feel of movement and dimension.

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