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22″ x 30″ watercolor painting available in original fine art, giclee print, and greeting cards.

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Stained glass windows. A morning dove. I could tell a million stories based on these two seemingly unrelated subject matters. Was there a bird in that window? Is this a real window? I can tell you this, morning doves came in a pair every day to visit me while I’d be working in my studio. They would coo and hang out on the branches overlooking my yard. Then one day, I noticed only one. Where did the other one go? They mate for life, I’ve been told. The stained-glass window was taken from a church in Honfleur, France. The story behind this church is that during WWII all the windows in the church were bombed except one. In the rebuilding process, new windows were made and designed after the one that survived the bombing. I placed this lone dove in the window to remind us to have faith, but let go of beliefs that no longer serve us.

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