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“Erosion” 16x16 encaustic ...

This 16 x 32” encaustic diptych incorporated mark-making, collage, gold leaf, and layering of encaustic pigment to make “Longing for Connection” come into existence. Working from life has always been my thing, but over the years I’ve expanded to include non-representational work into my repertoire. It’s been a huge learning curve for sure, sometimes scary. But it’s always a release when I let go of perfectionism and doing what is comfortable to create a design that is totally from within. As an extroverted introvert I long for connection if I’ve been too long secluded from people. My freedom to travel is not to be taken for granted. I long to connect with loved-ones once again on the mainland soon. In the meantime I shall continue to scare myself in my studio as I explore this encaustic medium and the combination of other mediums. Be well everyone! ...

Everything is so green where I live in Maui. We’ve had a lot of rain and the plants are lovin’ it! Wanted to capture some of the rich texture I’m surrounded by in this encaustic piece. Happy Tuesday everyone! ...

Meet little Alien 👽 Face! He shows up out of nowhere. And this is how it is sometimes….paint until something shows 🆙. It’s a cool 73 today in Haiku—perfect for turning up the hot wax! ...

Putting the finishing touches on this 8x10 for a friend. ...

This is my oldest son, Ben @derpwaara. He has been taking a short break from the great white north to unwind. I am loving his company and proud to be his mama! #funinthesun #lovemyfamily #sonsareawesome #vacationatthebeach #familytime ...

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